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Summary of the Department

The main career paths of the alumni are as follows; secondary school teacher including head teacher, and official in education administrative affairs such as office of education and ministry of education. In particular, there are many graduates who choose career as a researcher at university, national research institute, and private enterprise. All members including faculty members with abundant expertise, superior students, alumni associations help to the department cooperate closely in creating the educational environment of the students. In addition, we are doing our best to realize the various dreams of the students in the aspect of science and information. To this end, the department has an information room (computer room), a library only for the members in our department, and a student council room to support students’ various activities. In addition, we are actively working to provide the best environment for learning and self-help activities for the students. As a result, our department has been ranked as one of the best department to educate chemistry teachers and chemists.

Educational Objectives

: The goal of the department is to improve students' professional knowledge and skills as science teachers and chemistry teachers by providing preliminary secondary teachers with up-to-date theoretical and laboratory training in chemistry and chemistry education. We also provide training on the latest chemistry theories, research, and science pedagogy to nurture science teachers and chemistry teachers with basic skills in secondary student education


(1) We aim to be the world best institute to nurture chemistry teachers and chemists.
(2) Graduates of the department play a pivotal role in society as good chemistry teachers, science educator, and chemistry professionals.
(3) It aims to promote continuous development in academic fields with a strong cooperation on the members of the department, including good seniors and juniors.