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Major in Chemistry Education (Teachers College)

Course Code Course Title Credits
CHED200 Introduction of Chemistry 1-1-0
CHED207 Physical Chemistry and Education 3-3-0
CHED211 Organic Chemistry and Education 1 3-3-0
CHED212 Organic Chemistry and Education 2 3-3-0
CHED251 General Chemistry Practice 1-1-0
CHED304 Inorganic Spectroscopy and Electrochemistry 3-3-0
CHED313 Organic Chemistry and Education 3 3-3-0
CHED315 Biochemistry and Education 3-3-0
CHED331 Organic Chemistry Laboratory and Education 2-0-4
CHED351 Theoretical Chemistry 3-3-0
CHED353 Instrumental Analysis and Education1 3-3-0
CHED354 Instrumental Analysis and Education2 3-3-0
CHED370 Special Topics in Organic Chemistry 3-3-0
CHED453 Topics in Physical Chemistry 3-3-0
CHED462 Organic Chemistry and Recitation 3-3-0
CHED588 Research in Chemistry Experiment 3-3-0
CHED591 Evaluation in Chemistry Education1 2-2-0
CHED592 Evaluation in Chemistry Education2 2-2-0
CHEM201 Analytical Chemistry1 3-3-0
CHEM202 Analytical Chemistry2 3-3-0
CHEM205 Physical Chemistry1 3-3-0
CHEM206 Physical Chemistry2 3-3-0
CHEM233 Analytical Chemistry Lab. 2-0-4
CHEM301 Inorganic Chemistry1 3-3-0
CHEM302 Inorganic Chemistry2 3-3-0
CHEM332 Physical Chemistry Lab. 2-0-4
CHEM333 Inorganic Chemistry Lab. 2-0-4
CHEM455 Coordination Chemistry 3-3-0
CLTR041 Korean History 3-3-0
CLTR103 History of Science 3-3-0
CLTR210 The Great Books Reading and Discussion 3-3-0
SCED211 General Chemistry1 3-3-0
TCHR479 Teaching Logic & Writing : Chemistry 3-3-0
TCHR520 Student Guidance and Counseling 2-2-0
TCHR522 Internship in School 2-0-4weeks
TCHR524 School Observation 1-0-2weeks
TCHR528 Introduction to the Pedagogy for the Handicapped and the Talented 2-2-0
TCHR529 Teaching Profession in Practice 2-2-0
TCHR551 Volunteer Activity in Education 1 1-0-30h
TCHR552 Volunteer Activity in Education 2 2-0-60h
TCHR601 Curriculum 2-2-0
TCHR604 Teaching Methods and Educational Technology 2-2-0
TCHR606 Educational Sociology 2-2-0
TCHR607 Educational Psychology 2-2-0
TCHR609 Philosophy and History of Education 2-2-0
TCHR610 Measurement and Evaluation in Education 2-2-0
TCHR611 Pedagogy 2-2-0
TCHR612 Educational Administration and Management 2-2-0
TCHR637 Educational Theories in Teaching Chemistry 3-3-0
TCHR677 Teaching Materials & Methods : Chemistry 3-3-0